What You Need To Know When Dental Emergencies Occur - West Edmonton Dentist - Family Dental Clinic in West Edmonton

It’s crucial to know if you need emergency dental care and if your dental plan covers you when you have a dental condition or an oral injury. Not all dental issues are life-threatening. However, a tooth falling out, a toothache, a cracked tooth, or pain from a dental crown are all major dental issues, but they aren’t necessarily emergencies. But if there is a pain insisting, visit your Edmonton dentist. 

Is toothache considered a dental emergency? 

A toothache is painful, yet it may not need emergency dental care immediately. Although if left untreated, it might be the first indicator of a larger condition, leading to more significant dental issues. If you develop a toothache, you should contact your dentist immediately. They can assist you in determining whether you require immediate medical attention.

What are some common dental emergencies?

A severe toothache, a knocked-out tooth or teeth, or an infected tooth abscess are just a few examples of a dental emergencies. However, understanding when to seek emergency help is crucial. See your dentist when you experience dental pain, an injury or trauma to your mouths, such as broken or missing teeth, cuts, or other damage.

In addition to toothaches and other oral tissues, a dentist can help with:

  • How to restore a broken tooth
  • A lost tooth filling 
  • If you are experiencing discomfort with your dental crown
  • Treat dental abscess

The aforementioned dental issues might not be a dental emergency every time, but they should be addressed quickly to prevent them from worsening.

What are some common causes of dental emergencies? 

Playing sports, riding bikes, being in a car accident, being in a work-related accident, or even roughhousing in and around your house can all possibly result in oral injuries and a dental emergency. Chipped teeth can also be caused by drinking from glass bottles or eating something extremely hard that fractures or cracks a tooth. An infection can also lead to a tooth abscess, which, if left untreated, can become a serious problem that requires immediate attention.

What should I do if I have a dental emergency?

The first thing you should do is contact your emergency dentist in Edmonton. They might be able to see you if it’s during regular business hours. Other choices for dental emergencies outside of typical office hours include an urgent care center or an emergency room for significant mouth injuries. Examine your dental plan to determine how dental emergencies are covered.

How do I know if something is an actual dental emergency?

Not all dental issues necessitate seeking emergency dental care. If one or more teeth have been knocked out or a dental abscess is causing severe pain, you should seek medical attention promptly. If not treated promptly, serious dental injuries or issues might lead to even grave complications. On the other hand, a missing filling, a little chipped tooth, or a broken wire on braces may be items that can wait until your Edmonton dentist has an appointment, but always ask your dentist for advice.
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