17% of Canadians avoid visiting a dentist due to monetary reasons. Are you among those who avoided the complete range of recommended treatment by a dentist due to high charges? Do you have dental insurance that you haven’t been using? We have reasons for you to visit your dentist with a smile!

Use Your Dental Insurance

You have already paid for your dental insurance either by your own hard-earned money or via your employer’s contribution. So why not use it? It is better to use it then lose it. Visit a specialized dental clinic.

No, Your Dental Insurance Will Not Roll-Over

By the first day of next year, your insurance coverage would be reset. You would lose the unused benefits of the previous year. Try to use the maximum benefits for which you have insured yourself.

The best thing you can do is to call up your insurer. Ask your insurance provider about your deductible balance. In case you have money left over, try to utilize it prior to the year-end, i.e., Dec 31. Also, as your balance amount is not going to roll over in the next year, it makes perfect sense to use your dental insurance now. You would also be better off taking care of your small dental issues before they get out of hand.

Save on the Carry-Over Deductibles Next Year

As it is the last quarter of the year now, you would be able to save on the carry-over deductibles for next year. If you can use your dental insurance properly with the applicable deductibles, then you do not have to pay the new deductibles applicable in the next year.

Avoid the Rush Hour Crowd

 You don’t want to procrastinate now. It would be quite unfortunate to find that all the appointment slots of your dentist have filled up during the last two weeks of the year. You also need to be your wary of the holidays at the end of the year. You would also not like to seek treatment at any general dentistry clinics just because of the available (or lack of) appointment slots.

 Brighten up the Holidays with a Better Smile!

In case you do not have any painful dental problems, you can still go and utilize the deductible balance of your insurance money for cosmetic dentistry. Get your teeth brightened up to eight shades using teeth whitening services. If required, you may also go for other services like clear braces, porcelain veneers, full mouth restoration and dental implants. Your family and friends would love your new look and smile.

Get rid of the excuses and procrastination. Reap the benefits of your dental insurance at Design Dentistry. You would be treated better here than any general dentistry clinics.