At some point in our lives, most of us will need to have a dental filling. Metal amalgam fillings are no longer the only option to repair a damaged tooth. Today, patients have a more attractive option, tooth-coloured composite fillings. Composite fillings are made up of a mixture of plastic and glass and right now they are proving to be very popular and this is why.

They Are Durable

Composite fillings are made from strong, durable resins which include a mixture of both plastic and glass and are resistant to corrosion and breaking. These fillings are now a viable option for most patients. Composite fillings offer many advantages over traditional amalgam fillings.

They Look Good

Composite fillings don’t stand out like regular fillings. They can be coloured to match the colour of your teeth making these fillings less noticeable. This means you can maintain your natural-looking smile.

They Are Versatile

Composite fillings can be used for a variety of dental procedures other than filling a cavity. In addition to treating decayed teeth, tooth-coloured resin can also be used for cosmetic improvements reducing the risk of future damage, including damage from extreme changes in temperature.

They Offer Great Support

When you have a filling, the filling itself needs to be able to bond with the tooth. Amalgam fillings did bind, but not very well. With composite fillings, they tend to bind a lot better, strengthening teeth that have suffered decay.

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