How Do Braces Effectively Straighten Teeth?  - West Edmonton Dentist - Family Dental Clinic in West Edmonton

Dental braces are appliances that address malocclusion and crowded or crooked teeth. Braces are most commonly used throughout adolescence, although an increasing number of adults are undergoing orthodontic treatment later on. Metal or ceramic braces are attached to your teeth using wires and a bonding substance. 

What are the processes of teeth straightening?

  • Your Edmonton orthodontist will examine your current tooth health and alignment before recommending the teeth straightening treatment choice that is best for you.
  • You may need to see your orthodontist for extraction before your dental braces can be placed if you have overcrowding difficulties.
  • Your orthodontist will then create your clear aligner trays before your fitting if you’ve chosen clear braces.
  • Your initial treatment visit will be with your orthodontist in Edmonton, during which your dental braces will be fitted. During this appointment, your orthodontist will explain how to maintain good oral health and hygiene, demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques, and discuss any discomfort you may have during the first few days after getting your braces fitted.
  • At regular intervals, you will visit your orthodontist for follow-up consultations to have your dental braces adjusted or to have your new set of clear aligner trays fitted. Your orthodontist will review your treatment results and, if necessary, make any necessary adjustments to your treatment at this time.
  • Your dental braces will be removed once your teeth straightening procedure is completed and all of your teeth are in good alignment. Your orthodontist may recommend that you wear a retainer for a few months or even permanently to guarantee that your teeth stay in their proper alignment.

What are the treatment times, and what to expect?

Treatment times for teeth straightening vary greatly based on the amount of crowding, spacing, and bite abnormalities and the treatment approach selected. Because the jaw has stopped growing and changing in adulthood, some adult patients’ treatment times may be longer than youth because their teeth are fixed more permanently.

Why do teeth straightening take time?

While the thought of being able to straighten teeth in one visit miraculously is attractive, the truth is that this procedure takes time. Because your orthodontist is utilizing light force to shift your teeth into their proper alignment and position, this must be done gradually over time to preserve the teeth from injury and make the process painless.
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