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TMJ (TMD) Therapy

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint that hinges the lower jaw to the temporal bone of the skull. It’s one of the most frequently used joints, as it’s active whenever you talk, eat or drink.

TMJ pain or dysfunction may be caused by several factors, including clenching or grinding your teeth, a blow to the face, inflammatory or degenerative arthritis and poor dental work. In some instances, muscles around the TMJ can spasm, causing head and neck pain and difficulty opening your mouth.

Finding the right treatment can be complicated and involve several professionals, such as dentists, general practitioners and chiropractors. Treatment options can range from wearing a mouth guard to taking medication to undergoing surgery.

It’s crucial to properly diagnose the issue so the appropriate professionals and treatment options can be utilized. Contact Design Dentistry today for a thorough examination and customized treatment plan for your TMJ disorder.

TMJ therapy


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