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Full Mouth Restoration

Full mouth restoration involves rebuilding and/or replacing all teeth in a patient’s mouth. Not only will full mouth restoration beautifully transform your smile, it will improve the overall health and functionality of your mouth.

You may require full mouth restoration as a result of:

  • Teeth lost due to decay or trauma
  • Severely injured or fractured teeth
  • Poorly worn teeth caused by long-term tooth grinding or acid erosion
  • Large fillings that are failing or becoming decayed  
  • Ongoing jaw, muscle and headache pain

At Design Dentistry, we combine a variety of treatments customized to your unique needs, which may include crowns, bridges, dental implants, veneers and more. Full mouth restoration typically involves multiple treatments that are completed during several appointments.

Get in touch today to find out how we can create a customized treatment plan to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

NOTE: This is not a photograph of our patient and/or treatment. Photographs are for educational purposes only because individual treatment resutls will vary from patient to patient. Some patients may not be candidates for treatment.



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