Common Causes of Bad Dental Implants According to Belmead Edmonton

If one wants a perfect smile but has some missing teeth, then a dental implant is the ideal solution for them. The dental implant treatment secures a high success rate; however, in some cases, the treatment may not succeed—some of the factors that can be the reason for dental implant failure. Also, dental implant problems are not considered safe; they can lead to other dangerous dental conditions. 

Not every time the implant gets failed, and patients face discomfort. Sometimes the failure happens because of an individual who creates problems with the dentist and some of their bad habits and poor oral health. Sometimes, it fails because of consulting a nonprofessional dentist for treatment. 

Anyone planning to go for a dental implant and want to dig out more about its failure causes, then pay attention to this article. This guide consists of detail on the common causes of bad dental implants. So check out more information below.

Dental Implant Failure: The Signs

The signs that highlight the failure of dental implants are:

  • Inflammation of gums and swelling
  • Discomfort and severe pain
  • The loose implant that moves in the mouth

Therefore, you receive a bad dental implant if you face the above symptoms right after the dental implant. 

Dental Implant Failure: Common Causes

There are various reasons why the dental implant may get failed; some of them are:

Failed Osseointegration

Osseointegration refers to bonding structural and functional connections between dental implant and bone. Naturally, the process takes numerous months after the dental implant. However, if the jaw bone cannot mend together ideally by a dental implant, it’s considered a failure. If one faces a bone loss problem or the implant fails, they receive the wrong dental implant. 


Peri-implantitis is an infection that usually forms inside the gums and around the implant. Poor oral hygiene and not taking precautionary steps to clean the teeth can cause implant failure and bone loss issues. 

Nerve Damage

The dental implant may damage the nerve when placed near the mouth’s nerves. Mainly it occurs when nonprofessional and inexperienced dentists start the implant without planning. Similarly, proper planning concerning crucial structures and nerves of the mouth before treatment is always the best idea to save nerve damage. 

Poor Oral hygiene

Not maintaining good oral hygiene can lead to bad dental implants. Right after a dental implant, it is essential for the patient to properly take care of their mouth in case to protect it from severe dental conditions. Therefore, taking oral care non seriously may cause a dental implant failure. 

Implants Done by Inexperienced Dentists

Dental services and treatments from nonprofessional and inexperienced dentists can put one in severe risky conditions. The same goes for dental implants; one of the causes the implant gets worse is picking inexperienced specialists. To secure the implants, you need to choose an authentic and experienced specialist who has previously done numerous successful implants.

Allergic Reaction

When any external thing is placed in a human body, there is a vast chance the body faces adverse effects. Similarly, dental implants can also produce a localized response and allergic reaction. However, if you are also among those who quickly get allergic to such things, it’s better to discuss the matter with the dentist before starting the treatment to save yourself from getting a bad dental implant.


Therefore, these were some of the leading causes of ad dental implants. The best is for a successful dental implant to educate yourself about the leading causes and go for preventive measures. 

One who faces discomfort or pain right after a bad dental implant should immediately consult with the dentist and get proper treatment for the underlying cause. Hence, it’s always vital to maintain good oral hygiene and follow precautionary steps to keep your smile beautiful. 

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