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What It Means To Have An Abscessed Tooth

Edmonton Dentist: What It Means To Have An Abscessed Tooth An abscessed tooth or a dental abscess is when a pocket of pus is formed in different parts of a tooth because of bacterial infection. They cause moderate to severe pain and can even spread to other parts of...

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Dental Care Tips for Infants and Children

Why dental care is important for children? It’s essential to start developing a child’s dental care habits at a young age. Early dental care can help prevent dental problems. Developing good oral habits is also the first line of defence against many common dental...

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Start School Smiling

Alberta Dental Association and College kicked off a new charity campaign for all grade one students in Alberta last year. The campaign, Start School Smiling Program, was meant to help elementary students with their various dental needs with the help of ADA&C member...

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Utilize Your Dental Insurance Now and Save

17% of Canadians avoid visiting a dentist due to monetary reasons. Are you among those who avoided the complete range of recommended treatment by a dentist due to high charges? Do you have dental insurance that you haven’t been using? We have reasons for you to visit...

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Can Too Much Halloween Candy Damage Teeth

Halloween is a fun and exciting time of the year for kids; the spooky stories, ghoulish costumes, and frightening pumpkins splattered all around the city, and of course, the waterfall of candies! This frightful night, however, doesn’t seem just to benefit the...

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