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Teaching healthy habits to our children at a young age helps us set them up for success as adults, especially with their oral health. Learning the basics of good oral hygiene can help prevent many dental concerns from developing as kids grow and gain permanent teeth. As parents, we should be caring for the mouths and gums of our babies from the start, but how soon should you make your first dental appointment? We recommend booking your child’s first visit within six months after the first tooth erupts. 

Introducing Your Child to the Dentist

When your child is little, a visit to the dentist will look very different from your appointments. We aim to help your child feel comfortable in our office and have a positive, fun experience. They will associate the dentist with a fun, relaxing time as they grow older. When looking for a kid’s dentist in Edmonton, it’s important to find one that specializes in pediatric dental care, is accepting new patients, and is convenient to get to. 

What to Expect From Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

While our pediatric dentists will keep a keen eye for any possible dental concerns, we will keep the appointment light, fun and interactive. Each time your child sits in our chair, either in your arms or on their own, we’ll examine their gums and count their teeth, with your child’s participation, if they are willing. We also provide you, the parents, with tips on how to help your children learn to brush effectively. As independent as your child may be, careful supervision while they brush their teeth is strongly encouraged. 


Our pediatric dental team is always gentle, kind, and patient, so you and your child can enjoy your visit in a calm environment. We want your child to feel relaxed, have fun, and get excited about their teeth. Each time they visit, they’ll learn a little bit more about dental health as appropriate for their age. We recommend annual check-ups, so when your visit is uneventful, we’ll call you back in a year’s time for the next routine appointment. 

Catching Concerns Early

Preventative treatment and catching dental concerns early help us create healthy dental plans unique to your child’s mouth. Certain dental concerns, such as tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, pediatric gum disease, or early orthodontic times, can be minimized if caught and treated early on. 


Routine dental visits not only promote excellent oral hygiene for your children but also allows us to monitor the bite, tooth development, and tooth loss pattern as your child grows. If your child has a dental concern, we will schedule your visit at six-month intervals. If there are no areas of concern, we may keep your schedule for annual visits. It all depends on your child’s unique oral health. 


For alignment concerns, early intervention orthodontics can benefit children with overbites, underbites, and crossbites. Correcting these uncomfortable bite patterns can prevent further discomfort, trauma and suffering that can come from atypical smiles in youth and children. 

How Often Should Your Child See the Dentist?

We recommend scheduling annual check-ups once your child’s teeth have begun to erupt. This helps us keep an eye on teeth development as more baby teeth arrive. As your child grows, we’ll monitor and keep a record of their progress and any concerning areas over time. During certain points of tooth growth and cases where a dental concern needs closer monitoring, we will schedule your visits for every six months. 

Establish a Health Dental Routine With a Kid-Friendly Dentist 

If you’re looking to establish a fun, positive dental home for your kids, our dentists here at Design Dentistry are experienced in pediatric dentistry in Edmonton. You’ll find a positive, friendly dental home for your kids from an early age into their teen years and beyond. 


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