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Patients frequently confuse night guards with sports guards. Both dental devices safeguard your teeth but do it in various ways. A sports or mouth guard will safeguard your grin when participating in contact sports. Using a night guard prevents you from clenching or grinding your teeth at night. You should talk to your Edmonton dentist at Design Dentistry about acquiring a teeth guard that works for you since contact sports and teeth grinding place you at significant risk for tooth fractures and other oral health issues.

What is the importance of the sports guard?

By helping to deflect facial punches, mouth shields protect the jaw bone and preserve teeth. They also support safeguarding the delicate tissues of the lips, tongue, and cheeks. Additionally, they redistribute head-blow pressures to lessen the severity of probable concussions. The most frequent type of facial injury in sports, dental injuries, are prevented by the hundreds of thousands each year by sports mouth guards. One of the most frequent and costly sports injuries is tooth injury, a specific example. Sports for youngsters don’t necessarily require mouthguards. However, if your children participate in sports, utilizing a sports mouth guard can help lower their risk of suffering from a tooth injury.

Can nightguard reduce the grinding of the teeth?

Do you clench or floss during the night? The disorder known as bruxism, in which people grind their teeth while they sleep, is unknown to many people. People occasionally become aware of it when they have a jaw ache in the morning, but usually not until your dentist in Edmonton detects other symptoms and damaged tooth enamel when performing a dental cleaning. Teeth grinding occasionally has the potential to be loud enough to wake up your mate.

The following are typical signs of tooth grinding:

  • Worn enamel on teeth
  • Delicate teeth
  • Jaw ache
  • Stiff or worn-out jaw muscles
  • Headaches in the morning
  • Interruption of sleep

What is the function of dental night guards?

Dental mouthguards only relieve discomfort and safeguard the jaw and teeth from further harm. They are made from an impression of your teeth to ensure a proper fit. Your tooth discomfort, jaw pain, facial pain, and headaches/earaches are all intended to be relieved by these guards. In particular, a nightguard prevents dental surfaces from being worn down by repeated grinding and clenching. Custom night guards shield the teeth and correct the jaw, putting the overworked muscles to rest.

What are injuries prevented with sports guard?

Needing an emergency dentist is the biggest game-breaker. You should consult your dentist immediately about having a personalized mouthguard if you participate in a contact sport. Don’t wait until your teeth are in pain or knocked out! Impact injuries to upper teeth are prevented by a tailored sports guard.

Both guards are supposed to protect your teeth but in different ways and in different situations. To learn more about the sports and night guard, call us at 780-484-8138 to book an appointment.